Shamelessly self-indulgent Digital Art

OmniPudding is a half-baked attempt at one scatterbrained programmer’s attempt to organise and publicise his work.
That scatterbrain is me!

For years I’ve had the hobby of turning my wildest daydreams and fantasies into tangible experiences through the miracle of modern technology. I can barely wrap my head around the fact that sometimes the only thing separating imagination from material reality is a few days worth of bashing on a keyboard.

This site represents the past few years of keyboard-bashing. I hope you enjoy your time here, and perhaps even manage to eke some entertainment out of the products of my imagination!

Recent Posts


GPU Cubes VR

GPU Particle System for HTC Vive

Unity + HTC Vive

  • GPU Cubes VR Screenshot 1
  • GPU Cubes VR Screenshot 2
  • GPU Cubes VR Screenshot 3
  • GPU Cubes VR Screenshot 4

Keyboard Reborn

MIDI Recorder + Visualiser

Unity + MIDI Piano

  • KeyboardReborn Screenshot 1
  • KeyboardReborn Screenshot 2
  • KeyboardReborn Screenshot 3
  • KeyboardReborn Screenshot 4


MIDI Music Visualiser

Unity + Oculus Rift + MIDI Piano

  • MIDI VR Screenshot 1
  • MIDI VR Screenshot 1
  • MIDI VR Screenshot 1
  • MIDI VR Screenshot 1


Data Analytics for Cannabis Consumption

Processing + Joint

  • Mountaineer Screenshot 1
  • Mountaineer Screenshot 2
  • Mountaineer Screenshot 3
  • Mountaineer Screenshot 4


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