Keyboard Reborn

Record your music always

Have you ever sat down at your MIDI keyboard, played something and thought to yourself ‘woah…that was actually awesome! If only I’d been recording!’?

If yes, then KeyboardReborn may be the answer to your prayers. It’s a relatively lightweight Unity application that records all performances coming out of a MIDI keyboard for later browsing and playback.

KeyboardReborn is still in very early stages, and will become more robust and sophisticated as time moves on.

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10th January, 2016

First functional, public build. Still very unstable

  • New Features:
    • Songs now record the ratios of semitones that are played to form an overall tonal profile (still interoperable with old files)
    • Added piano display to song playback with notes lighting up when they play
  • Changes:
    • Songs will display their tonal profile by showing the top three most common semitones in the browser, as well as the play time
    • Song browser now displays the year, month and day you are currently browsing in
    • During song playback, note visual lengths more closely reflect how long the note actually sounds for, rather than how long the midi note is held for
  • Bugfixes:
    • Songs are now correctly sorted chronologically within their day folder
    • Slightly more resistant to MIDI device failure (but this is still a huge problem)
  • [ – 10.3 MB]
3rd October, 2015

First functional build – only works on my computer, with my particular midi keyboard

  • Records songs from a MIDI piano
  • Features song navigation and playback
  • Visualises notes as they play for recording and playback
  • MIDI device selection
  • [No download available]


  • Lachlan Sleight
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • /u/mptp
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