Keyboard Reborn

Record your music always

Have you ever sat down at your MIDI keyboard, played something and thought to yourself¬†‘woah…that was actually awesome! If only I’d been recording!’?

If yes, then KeyboardReborn may be the answer to your prayers. It’s a relatively lightweight Unity application that records all performances coming out of a MIDI keyboard for later browsing and playback.

KeyboardReborn is still in very early stages, and will become more robust and sophisticated as time moves on.

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10th January, 2016

First functional, public build. Still very unstable

  • New Features:
    • Songs now record the ratios of semitones that are played to form an overall tonal profile (still interoperable with old files)
    • Added piano display to song playback with notes lighting up when they play
  • Changes:
    • Songs will display their tonal profile by showing the top three most common semitones in the browser, as well as the play time
    • Song browser now displays the year, month and day you are currently browsing in
    • During song playback, note visual lengths more closely reflect how long the note actually sounds for, rather than how long the midi note is held for
  • Bugfixes:
    • Songs are now correctly sorted chronologically within their day folder
    • Slightly more resistant to MIDI device failure (but this is still a huge problem)
  • [ – 10.3¬†MB]
3rd October, 2015

First functional build – only works on my computer, with my particular midi keyboard

  • Records songs from a MIDI piano
  • Features song navigation and playback
  • Visualises notes as they play for recording and playback
  • MIDI device selection
  • [No download available]


  • Lachlan Sleight
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • /u/mptp
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