A MIDI Piano Visualiser in VR

MIDI VR allows anyone to hook a MIDI keyboard into their computer and experience the wonder of watching beautiful, real-time visualisations materialise before them as they play. MIDI is a far more explicit representation of music than the mushy, ill-defined waveform of samples, so visuals can be driven in many more interesting and direct ways from MIDI than they can from traditional audio.

The dream with MIDI VR is to be able to have live audiovisual musical performances within VR, bringing people together to experience a new kind of live musical entertainment.

  • MIDI VR Screenshot 1
  • MIDI VR Screenshot 1
  • MIDI VR Screenshot 1
  • MIDI VR Screenshot 1


September, 2015

Initial groundwork laid

  • Real-time visuals driven by MIDI within Unity
  • Tracking of Key, overall velocity, overall speed, overall pitch spread
  • A few different visualisers generated to test different concepts of visualisation


  • Lachlan Sleight
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • lachlansleight@gmail.com
  • /u/mptp
Proximity to digital reality
Sanitation of musical freedom
Tolerance for modernity
Awe and wonder in the universe
Confidence in notions of sanity